Coker Communication Consultations

Communication: the First Frontier

Humanity's first scientific endeavor is still the most complex for many, many individuals. Unfortunately, in this era of mass communication, we have grown too accustomed to throwing our information at others as opposed to addressing each and every statement specifically for its intended audience prior to its use. Communication is an act that works on a 3-point model, Sender, Message, and Receiver.Aristotle's 3-way model for communication Note Aristotle's 3-way model for communication. While the message is en route it no longer has any ties to the speaker. Thus the listener or audience hears the message and must create a meaning for the message; because the message was communicated simply using symbols and sounds. Individuals do not share the same understanding of symbols and sounds due to the difference in experiences they each possess from learning and comprehending such symbols and sounds.

As technology has grown, so too has the complexity of communication; however, Aristotle's model is still at the heart of the issue. Effective communication is critical to success, especially in business. Without the necessary instruction, employees struggle through tasks, requiring additional motivation; potential clients fail to see the benefit of your firm's services. With effective communication, collaboration develops at a quicker pace, clients feel confident and assured of your abilities.

CCC prides itself on offering all the necessary products and services needed for your company's technological communication, as well as assisting you with your firm's interpersonal communication.